CBD Family Lawyers is a Melbourne based law firm that can provide practical advice in all aspects of family law including parenting and financial matters. We are committed to delivering a quality service and endeavour to achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. We can give you advice about your legal rights, entitlements and obligations, and will inform you of the array of options available to you to settle any matter.

The CBD Family Lawyers team offer a comprehensive service and have the knowledge to handle all family law matters of any complexity. We are able to offer advice in relation to difficult parenting and financial matters and will seek to inform you of all the options available to you in order to resolve your matter. Our office is also able to act on your behalf as a town agent for matters throughout Australia. We understand that family law matters are difficult for clients and seek to alleviate the stress associated with such matters. Our clients can expect that our office will seek to deal with their matters promptly and cost effectively. CBD Family Lawyers are committed to achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients.

It is our mission to understand the needs of our clients and help them through such troublesome times. We aim to provide a high level of client services drawing upon our extensive resources and highly skilled team. We seek to settle matters through alternative dispute resolutions, however if necessary, we ensure that our client’s matters are dealt with efficiently through the Family Law Courts.

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