Are there any support services to help me?

CBD Family Lawyers SeparationSeparation, divorce, working out property arrangements and particularly coming to resolutions regarding the care of children in respect of those things are all complex and exhausting processes.

As a law firm, CBD Family Lawyers understands that in through the process of separation, clients will experience heartache and will be subject to a drastic change their lives.It can be very difficult to know how to deal with all the added pressures involved in being a separated parent, and it can be particularly difficult to deal with when parts of one’s usual social circle have disappeared due to the separation. There are  a number of issues that will challenge separated parents such as child custody, child support payments and even feelings of isolation. It is our mission to lead our clients to seek assistance from supportive communities.

This is why we’ve been very pleased to come across Dads Online. It provides separated fathers with a range of ideas, resources and encouragement as they go about the job of being a father in new circumstances. Equally importantly it helps people connect with others going through similar situations and allows members to share their stories, experiences and tips. ​Fathers who are hesitant to join support groups in person, or have schedules that are not permitting, to seek out support in a forum that facilitates the discussion regarding the issues of separation. This can allow participants to discuss their circumstances with others going through the same daunting experience of ending a relationship and commencing a new chapter in life. Dads Online have operated for a number of years now and have helped many struggling fathers cope with and embrace their situations. Peter, the founder of Dads Online provided this advice:

“Often the decision to separate or divorce is made on your own. To navigate a mutually successful outcome and ensure there is light at the end of the tunnel requires experienced advice, support and guidance from others. Be patient and seek help from others, now is not the time to go it alone.”

In addition to the support that is offer to fathers going through divorce or other relationships issues, the website also provides helpful advice in dealing with children subject to the separation of their parents. Furthermore, Dads Online has a crisis and support network that provides useful resources to assist members to help get their lives back on track should they stray due to the overwhelming nature of separation.

Separation is a tough road, for fathers and children, but it comforting to know that there are places to turn that can provide friendship and useful information to deal with the challenge in life. Despite people being caught up in these circumstances, it is absolutely vital to acknowledge and be aware, that there are resources available to help overcome difficulty and build a happy and meaningful life.

The content of this article is intended to provide a general overview of the subject matter and is not be relied upon as giving legal advice. Specialist advice should be sought about your specific circumstances.

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